Teaching Methodology

In order to teach a specific English less effectively, identify the knowledge, skills and attitude that that the learner should acquire at the end of the lesson and ensure that the lesson encompasses them. In this way of the knowledge, skill and attitude will be activity driven with the focus on their relevance to real life situations. It is crucial for the classroom teacher to determine the characteristics of his/her learners before teaching. This diagnosis can take the form of a placement test. Such a prerequisite will enable the teacher, during lesson preparation, to provide for:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Multiple intelligence
  • Large class teaching approach.

In teaching English, the teacher should create avenues for maximum exposure of the pupils to correct spoken form of the language. In order to do this, the teacher talk should be effective white giving the learners the opportunity to carry out maximum oral activities, do free speaking activities before passing on to reading and writing at this level. Furthermore, the teacher should:

  • Use participatory interactive methods
  • Use stories, rhymes, poems and songs to facilitate t the language acquisition
  • Revise previous nations/concepts/structures which will facilitate the transfer of knowledge
  • Teach reading and writing following the jolly phonics approach.

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